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What is Gorilla Glass Victus – Completely Safe to prevent the mobile from falling from 6 feet and breaking

Gorilla Glass Victus in Hindi

So I thought why you guys would know in detail about what is Gorilla Glass 7, what are its new features and how they are different from earlier Gorilla Glass. Then without delay, let’s start and know about Gorilla Glass Victus in Hindi.

Perhaps you have heard about or read somewhere about Gorilla Glass. This special glass is often used in the SmartPhone or some electronic devices. At the same time, many variants of this Gorilla Glass will be found in the market so far. This Gorilla Glass 7 is very different from the standard glass, and together it is much more durable and scratch proof.

Gorilla Glass is mainly made for mobile phones, so far 6 variants have arrived, this is 7, which is newly launched. It takes at least 2.5 to 3 years to get a new version of each glass. During this, it is investigated in depth. 

What is new in Gorilla 7, how it works, what is its feature, here we are going to give you complete information about it. 

Read the article carefully so that the gorillas can know the specifics of the glass.

What is Gorilla Glass Victus

gorilla glass victus kya hai hindi

Gorilla Glass is a new offering from Victus Corning, which has not been named by numerical name but instead has named this aluminosilicate glass as ‘ Victus. ‘

At the same time, according to the company,

the Victus will see a lot of changes in its durability and Scratch Proof.

The Gorilla Glass Victus has significantly improved so that it has now become more resistant and

also has the capability of scratching as well as not breaking it down on a hard surface.

According to Corning, this next generation of aluminosilicate glass, which is more popular than Gorilla Glass Victus, has been greatly improved so that it has become much better in drop and scratch performance.

It’s better. Compare with other manufacturers then.

How is Gorilla Glass 7 different from its earlier Variants?

The Gorilla Glass Victus has a lot of lab tests done to test its durability.

At the same time, the Test found that Gorilla Glass Victus very quickly passes the drop test

when it dropped from 2 meters height on hard and rough surfaces, which shows that its drop survival rate is much better than before.

Earlier Variant and other competitive aluminosilicate glasses of different manufacturers often break when they dropped from a height of 0.8 meters.

Along with this, the scratch resistance of Gorilla Glass Victus has also increased by about 4x compared to other competitive aluminosilicates.

At the same time, when it passed the Knoop hardness test, it started scoring Due to 8 Newton load quickly.

In this Knoop hardness test, often, the company measures how much force this glass can bear when a force is apply to scratch with a diamond (diamond).

The earlier generation Gorilla Glass could handle only 2 to 4 Newton loads.

Is Gorilla Glass 7 Really Scratch Proof?

Yes, the Gorilla Glass Victus has now become more resistant than other competitors in scratches, which makes it more scratch proof.

Knoop hardness test (which focuses more on scratching with the help of a diamond above the application of force),

only a few minor scratches were seen in the new Corning glass gets when 8 Newton load was given in it.

It shows that the makers of this glass have really worked hard to make this glass scratch proof.

What is the reason behind the formation of Gorilla Glass Victus?

When the company researched what they need in the glass of their device, then from their research, it was revealed that people have to make their smartphone more scratch proof and not breakable due to drop.

It showed that they have to pay the most attention to both these features in their new glass.

It is the reason that he had to put both these things in his Glass, due to which Gorilla Glass Victus was finally born.

In such a situation, Glass has become more Scratch Proof and Drop Proof too. At the same time, they are helping device manufacturers to provide more toughness to their new devices.

Where will we see the new Gorilla Glass 7?

Corning has announced that Samsung is going to be their first customer,

where they are going to use gorilla glass victus in its new smartphone.

In such a situation, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 20 series, which is going to be launch recently, we can get to see this glass there.

At the same time, other manufacturers can also use this new glass soon in their flagship devices. It is because the use of this glass can expect to increase the price of the device slightly.

Which mobile is Gorilla Glass 7 installed

Announcing the new glass, Corning, a company of Gorilla Glass 7, said that they have shared with Samsung Mobile Company for this glass. 

In Samsung Mobile New Series Galaxy Note 20, you will get to experience this new glass. In the coming time, other big mobile companies can also use this new glass. 

The price of mobiles can increase due to the installation of this glass, so mobile companies will use it only after considering all things.

History of Gorilla Glass

  • Gorilla Glass first launched its first variant in 2008. By 2010, it was used in about 20% of the world’s mobiles.
  • Gorilla Glass 2 was manufactured in 2012, with the Corning company stating that around 1 billion mobile devices are in use across the world. 
  • Gorilla Glass 2 was 20% thinner than before.
  • The Gorilla Glass 3 was built in 2013, with a higher scratch resistance than earlier versions. The company claimed that it was 40% more scratch-resistant than before.
  • Gorilla Glass 4 was announced in late 2014. It was better than before. Its ability to bear any damage was higher than before.
  • Gorilla Glass 5 was announced in 2016, and the company first used it in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
  • The Gorilla Glass SR + was also made by the company, which was used in Samsung’s smartwatch in 2016.
  • Gorilla Glass 6 was launched in 2019, which was first used in Samsung’s Galaxy S10.
  • The latest gorilla glass Victus has just been launched from the company in July.


Q: Which company’s mobile Gorilla Glass Victus will be first?

Ans: Samsung

Q: Which mobile will the Gorilla Glass Victus be used in?

Ans: Samsung galaxy note 20

Q: When did the first glass from Gorilla Glass Company arrive?

Ans:: 2008

Q: How many variants of Gorilla Glass have come so far?

Ans: 7

Q: What is the name of the company that makes Gorilla Glass?

Years: Corning

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