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what is Digital Signature & Meaning

meaning digital signature

Nowadays, all government services are being received through “e-governance” addition to PAN CARD, VOTER CARD, AADHAAR card, there are many types of proofs for which you had to go to the government offices of your district, Such as income-caste-residence, etc. certificate, etc. Earlier these certificates were signed by the officials, but now this work is being done by Digital Signature. 

So what is this digital signature, let us know – 

Digital Signature & Meaning

What is the process of digital signature?

Before getting to know about the digital signature, some government officials understand,

However earlier certificates were prepared manually, in which the applicant filed the application and found the necessary attachments and submitted it to the office, then his application

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For the test, the inspection officer or employee was served

The level of the test depends on what type of certificate you have applied for. 

After verification, he comes back to the certificates office and signed by the competent authority and obtained from the applicant. 

But now this is not the case, now is the time.

Through this process of “e-governance”, all this process has become very simple, through it, all types of certificates are prepared through an internet portal if seen only The entire process is completely paperless except the application and the prepared certificate. It is purely a digital form of certificates. 

In this, the entire inquiry process is done on the Internet portal itself. In this, digital signatures are used by officers and employees at all levels of the verification process. Verification of all these certificates can also be done very easily through the portal. 

What are Digital Signatures Actually?

A digital signature or signature is a type of computer code that can only be used by a large number of people

which requires either a user ID and a password to use, in addition to a dongle is used elsewhere.

This is a type of PenDrive-like device It is the same type of arrangement, i.e digital signature will only be done by the person who has both these things. 

Just as paper certificates were manually signed, digital signatures are done on electronic certificates. They are legally valid. 

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