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What is a subdomain?

What is a subdomain?

To understand Subdomain, first, you have to understand what a domain is. The domain is the name of your website, like WWW.MARKETINGWEBTECHNO.COM This is the name of our website. It is the main address or web address of your site, and the domain is running from the system. It is called DNS. For more information about the domain,  you can read this post –  What is Domain Name?

Therefore, An entire domain name is divided into three parts – 

  1. Top-level domains i.e., TLD 
  2. Second level domains ie, SLD
  3. All domain ( Subdomain )

For example, we take – 

Also, Here it is.COM, which is the top-level domain (TLD) of this domain name, which we have mentioned in the post and the  MARKETINGWEBTECHNO.COM, it is the second-level domain of this domain name (Second level domains) is SLD and you will be surprised to know that WWW is the sub-domain name. Also know

Therefore, A subdomain can use to create a sub-page for your website. You can also call it a branch of your website where some different kinds of stuff can found there. You can make subdomain a different web. However, It can use it as an address if you run an educational site and you have to create a blog or forum for it, then you can use a subdomain, it works just like a domain. 

Let’s know some interesting facts about subdomain – 

  1. WWW is a subdomain, but you can never use it on your site as a subdomain.  
  2. You do not have to pay for all domains. 
  3. Can add up to 100 Subdomains inside a domain
  4. A subdomain can be of multiple levels.
  5. You can run multiple websites at the expense of a single domain. 

Also, Those of you who make a blog on Google’s, the free one, in which always remains behind the name of the blog, you can give the only subdomain on

For example, we take Google, its main domain is, but when we launched Google Maps, it uses all the domain that is (subdomains) of only for you Go to https: / /, Here the Google Maps can open thus many Google sites are running subdomains of Google –


You will see that its domain is Google, but the subdomain is different, and the site also opens on it.

However, Apart from this, some people create websites in many languages, the site is different, but they are connecting with subdomains, for example, we talk about Wikipedia, the main domain of Wikipedia is, but Articles are written in many languages ​​on it so that they do not mix with each other, so here the subdomain is made according to the language – 

  • For English –
  • For Hindi – 

Here the name of Wikipedia was also not changed, and according to the language, many websites have also been created, which can manage separately.

So in this way, you can give a new experience to your users by using a subdomain.  

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