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What is a computer virus, types, definition & history?

what is computer virus

Today we are going to know what is Computer Virus and how it can harm a computer. Those of you who use a computer must have heard the name of Computer Virus and also have heard that if Virus. Once you get into your computer, it can also completely eliminate your computer’s data. Here we will get the complete information about Computer Virus, what is Computer Virus, how is it and how are your computer and data Can damage 

What is the computer virus

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Just as if a Virus penetrates the human body, then many kinds of problems or diseases take hold of the body.

Similarly, if the Virus comes in the computer also, there can be many types of issues on the computer too, but is this computer Virus any living? The creature is not a computer virus is a small software program that affects the main list of the computer.

So that the computer programs do not function properly, indirect language, these Viruses is created only to spoil your computer programs. So that the computer does not work smoothly and you have problems

These types of computer programs which enter the computer without your permission and cause damage to your computer programs along with your computer programs, such programs are called Computer Virus. 

History of Computer Virus (History Of Computer Virus)

The world’s first virus found on a computer (ARPANET)

It was to implement the world’s first Ip protocol that found the Creeper virus before 1970 that was spread by the TENEX operating system that connected to a network that infected computers

And it used to give the message that “I am if you can catch me, then you can be trampled,” developed by Lata, an engineer by BBN Technology Robert Thomas.

“ELK Cloner.” The name came from Computer Virus, developed by Richard Skrenta, who had previously inducted the Apple 3.3 (Apple DOC) Operating System through Floppy Disk “ELK Cloner.”

The first was an Antivirus that first tracked. It is a Virus created as a joke, which appeared in Floppy.

This Virus appeared as a game that would become active after 50 times using the computer.

Used to infect a small poem in it, “Elk Cloner.”

The Program With a Personality “In the Wild (In the Wild) was the first Boot Sector Virus

How computer Virus works and how it can harm your computer 

As you know that Computer’s Operating System, Application Software is written in a Programming Language for which some kind of Coding done so that it works according to the Program or Software Algorithm when it enters the Virus System.

which changes the original Programming of Computer and brings many types of problems in it. 

How to know if a computer has a virus

  • If your computer is suddenly doing some unusual speed method,
  • Then understand that there may be a Virus in it, for that there is some Warning Science about which you need to know.
  • If the speed of your computer suddenly decreases,
  • it starts running very slow while its hardware is excellent, then understand the computer has a Virus.
  • Some such files and folders suddenly created inside the computer, which you have not generated, then understand that there is a Virus in your Compute.
  • With the help of Computer On, if some programs start running on their own and continue running even after you close them, then understand that there is a Virus on the computer.
  • If you see popup advertisements repeatedly on the computer, then understand that the computer has a Virus.
  • If some such software or applications appear on the computer that you have never installed,
  • Then understand that your computer has a Virus.

What are the types of computer viruses?

Boot Sector Virus It affects the Boot Sector of Virus Computer Hard Disk. It is complicated to remove them. When the computer is starting, it loaded in the Operating System and sometimes the System File. Also infected 

Partition Table computer Virus

This type of Virus damages Partition of Hard Disk and also.

The Boot Record, which reduces the speed of the system and also reduces the capacity of RAM. 

File Virus

It attaches to the computer’s program file and damages them. Virus, like any program, INSTALLED in the computer, and it allows the computer’s files like .com, .exe, sys, .ovl, .prg, and .mnu. Does imperfect 

Overwrite Virus

It replaces Virus Original files so that all the files and user data of the system get corrupted or encrypted.

Which makes it very difficult to fix, to avoid this, the system formatted, which causes data loss. Types of Virus Phishing Spread by Email 

Rootkit Virus

The rootKit installs an Illegal RootKits in the Rootkit Virus System, which gives complete control of your system to the hackers

The arrival of this virus leads to the whole chance of your system’s data stolen and also caught. Is very difficult 

Trojan Horse 

Trojan horse is a program designed by hackers to secretly infect computer systems

It enters your computer system without your permission and installs Hacking Software with the help of Hackers

It Make Access to Hackers Trojan Horse are various types –

  • Remote Administration Trojans (Remote Administration Trojan)
  • Data Stealing Trojans (Data Stealing Trojan)
  • Security Disable Trojan (Security Disabled Trojan)
  • Control Changer Trojan (Control Chain Trojan)

Worms (Worms)

Worms (worm) is a virus that multiplies itself after entering your computer.

Multiply it tries to spread more and more, and it starts copying a lot of files inside the computer, and Too much space can cover your Hard Disk, there are two disadvantages.

First, the Hard Disk Space becomes full and the second System Slaw starts running if a file transfer from this Virus to Infected Computer is unknown.

If done, this Virus gets its feet there too and starts making files duplicate there.

How to protect the system from viruses

  1. If you want to protect your system from Virus, then you should take some precautions.
  2. Never open an Attachment given on a Phishing Email. it should only trust emails sent by trusted persons. 
  3. You should install a good antivirus in your computer and keep updating it from time to time. 
  4. You should not download any software from a website about which you do not know, and you should stay away from free things on the Internet. 
  5. Currently most Software Movie, Mp3 Songs are available on Authorized Websites on the Internet, Pirated Website should not use for this.
  6. If you are downloading something from the Email or the Internet, then first get the file to be scan by Antivirus. 
  7. If you come across an email stating that you have won the lottery, then no action should take on it and report it immediately. 
  8. Never fake, Pirated, Creak and Patch Software should be INSTALLED. 
  9. Before putting someone’s Pen Drive or Removable Media in their computer, they should scan with Anti Virus. 

Free Vs Paid Antivirus

There are two types of Antivirus available on the Internet. It is very important to know the difference between both Free Antivirus and Second Paid Antivirus.

Free Antivirus has the ability to scan only some Limited Virus and Files whereas Paid Antivirus has lots of options and new Virus.

The list is first updated here, their security level is higher than Free Antivirus.

so if your data is essential for you, then you should go towards Paid Antivirus. 

– buy antivirus – 

In the end 

You have already understood what Virus is, how it works and how it can harm your valuable data and system, what you need to do to avoid Virus if you like it then do it

We will definitely share with you

we will always keep bringing this kind of information for you, have a nice day

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