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what is keyword

Keywords are the words or phrases that will describe the entire content. It can describe images, text documents, database records, and web pages based on metadata.

A user can easily ” tag ” pictures or text files by using relevant keywords according to their content. These files can also search using keywords, making it much easier to find data.

For example, a photographer uses a program such as Apple iPhoto to tag his nature photos with words such as “nature,” “trees,” “flowers,” “landscape,” etc.

By tagging photos like this, he can quickly locate all the flower pictures later by merely searching for the keyword “flowers.”

Keywords are used in the web mainly in two ways,
1) first as search terms in search engines, and
2) words so that the content of the website can identify.

Best Technology Essential Part:-

1. Search Engine in terms of Search

Whenever you search a result for anything on the search engine, then in this way, we type keywords that Google tells the search engine what to search.

For example, if you search for used cars, you will enter “used cars” based on keywords.

The search engine will then automatically show such web pages in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages ), which is relevant according to your search terms.

While the more specific keywords you use, your results will also be more accurate (and useful). If you are searching for a particular keyword like used car, you have to enter some keywords such as “Blue Honda Maruti Suzuki used car” from which you will get the best accurate results.

Many search engines support Boolean operators, which can use with keywords so that the search can be refined more.

For example, you can search “Apple AND computers NOT fruit” if you only want information related to Apple products and not Apple information of a fruit.

2. Web Page Description Terms

Keywords can describe the content of a web page for which the keyword uses a meta tag.

This tag is placed in the HTML of the page in section and contains all the words that describe the Web page’s content.

The keywords meta tag’s primary purpose is to help search engines identify and organize web pages.

But since now webmasters use inaccurate tags to get higher search engine ranking, many search engines give very little importance to keywords meta-tag when it comes to indexing pages.

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