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Jio Glass kya hai (Feature, Cost, Availability Date) What is Jio Glass- (Price, Feature, Launch Date)

jio glass kya hai

Recently, the annual meeting of Reliance, a well-known company in the country, was organized. Reliance organizes its annual conference every year and discusses its company’s financial position, steps taken by the company every year, and new launches. In this meeting, the company also discusses its original investment and explains the significant and essential product to be launched in the current year. In this year’s Meet of this year, Reliance launched Jio Glass. The company also gave a demo of this product and talked about its features. Still, the company has provided no information about when it will be available in the market. What will be the features of this Jio Glass, how will it work, read this article for other information about it

This smart glass of Jio comes with 3D holographic video call support. That is, during the video call, you will be able to see yourself in 3D form. Jio Glass supports 25 applications.

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Jio Glass Quick Information

NameJio Glass
Launch date15 July
CostNot open yet
name of the companyReliance Jio
When will you get in the marketNot yet given date
Jio glass Feature, Cost, Availability Date

What is Jio Glass?

This new product from Reliance is a virtual reality glass. It will use for 3D interaction and holographic content. With this, users will be able to make 3D calling with the help of their headset i.e., glasses.

Jio Glass Features – How Jio Glass Will Work

What is a virtual reality glass

Virtual reality refers to how you interact with things in the virtual world. For example, if you have a photo on your mobile, you can only see it, but through this technology, an atmosphere is created around you that you will feel that you are present in that place and you can see things there. I will be able to feel, which will be a completely different experience, which will make it easier to understand things.

  • All types of mobiles will not work in this device to understand virtual reality. Connect your mobile or other devices with this device, and it is necessary to have an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and proximity sensor, etc. Technology will be able to experience virtual reality only then.
  •  With this glass, you can organize holographic video calls and holographic meetings. In the holographic technique, you can get a 3D experience of the picture during the video time.
  • Through this Jio Glass, you can easily make talk and holographic calls on regular phones through 2D video calls as well as 2D calls.   
  • Through this Jio Glass, its customers can also use augmented technology in a better way.

What will be the shape of the live glass and how it will work –

This glass, launched by Reliance, will be similar to the shape of the glasses corresponding to the present device, which will have a thick layer of glass behind it. You will be able to connect your mobile, tablet, or other devices through cable in this live glass. There will be a speaker on this glass pedestal, through which you will be able to work by giving an insertion in your voice.

The weight of this device will be much less than other devices in the market. According to the current information, its weight will be only 75 grams, which will make it easy to use.

Benefits of Jio Glass –

Today the whole world is getting annoyed with Corona. After this, there will be a lot of changes in working in which this live glass will give a lot of benefits. The advantages are as follows.

  • Through this, virtual meetings will be organized in various offices in a very easy way.
  • It will be easy to give virtual education across multiple school colleges, and this facility will be even more comfortable.
  • Apart from this, in other institutions, classes of different methods like cooking, art craft, etc. will also be conducted more conveniently.

Get High-Resolution Display

Jio has done a lot of work on the graphics of its SmartGlass and has ensured that the user gets the highest class visual experience. Its demo was also shown during the event. Through Jio Glass, you can speak and make video calls to two people simultaneously.

3D holographic video call support

This smart glass of Jio comes with 3D holographic video call support. That is, during the video call, you will be able to see yourself in 3D form. Jio Glass supports 25 applications. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries at AGM

More than 50 million downloads of Jio Meet

It said that more than 50 lakh people had downloaded the Jio Meet video conferencing app in a short time after launch. Explain that the Jio Meet app is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that can be used through both the app and the desktop.

Google’s big investment in Jio

Mukesh Ambani said in this meeting that Google will invest Rs 33737 crore for a 7.7 percent stake in Jio Platforms. With Google’s investment, the figure of investment in Reliance now reached 1.52 lakh crore. Thus far 14 companies have invested in Jio. Jio and Google together will form the operating system for Android-based smartphones.

Questions and answers related to Jio Glass

Which company launched this virtual glass?

Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance launches this Jio Virtual Glass.

What will be the cost of live glass?

The company has not yet decided on the price of this live glass.

When did the jio glass launch in India?

15 July 2020

The Jio Glass ( Jio Glass) will belong in the market?

No information related to its launch is available yet.

Can customers avail regular call facility with this Jio Glass?

Yes, customers can also talk with this Jio Glass by making a regular call.

Will it be easy for the customer to carry this Jio Glass to another place?

Yes, it weighs only 75 grams, so it will be easy for the customer to carry it to another place

What are the prices of live glass?

Reliance has given its demo at its annual meet, no news related to its launch has been provided by the company yet. No information has been given by the company related to what its price will be. Now its customers will have to wait a bit for its launch and price.

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