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How to Find a Lost Phone location by Google, Number

How to Find (detect) lost phone location by google, number Our mobile device is an essential part of our life.

It is a means of putting together our contacts, lots of notes, and documents. In the era of online money transfers, it has become our purse in which even our credentials are saved. It cannot be imagined to spend a day without it.

In such a situation, it is scary to think that if we lose our phone, how much damage can we do.

Another person can take our bank details. Our valuable photographs which we have clicked with our loved ones. That loss cannot be repaid.

Do not forget to consider your phone as just a device and keep such an arrangement in advance that it can be searched again, and even it is lost.

Best Technology Essential Part:-

How to secure your phone data? (How to protect our phone data?)

  • Before using your phone, go to Settings and click on the Security feature and set the password.
  • This password is good if it is pattern-based, but before setting the pattern,
  • keep in mind that it should not be easy and cannot decode easily.
  • By downloading any good cloud backup app in your phone,
  • keep backup of your credential backup and contacts at regular intervals so that your phone’s data is easily available back in case of lost phone.
  • We recommend using only reputable cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • One is that it protects from Hacking, and secondly, the reputation of Google and Yahoo is associated with them,
  • which makes them more reliable.
  • Want to back up your photos?
  • Use Google Photos or Picasa app, which will save your device’s space, and your photos and memoirs will also be safe in case of lost phone.
  • After doing these measures, you will be in a safe state, even after losing your phone to a great extent.
  • Next, we will talk about how the location of your lost phone can found so that you can quickly get it back.
find lost phone by location

How to find the location of your lost phone? (How to find the location of the lost phone by google with a number)

  • If your Android phone is lost and you want to see its last location, then Google’s Android Device Manager can help you, but some things are necessary.
  • The first condition for this is that you have logged your device with your Google account. Also, your device is connected to the Internet, and the Android Device Manager is enabled to find your device.
  • By the way, this feature is on by default in Android phones, and it stops working only after turning it off. Also, there is an option to erase data in Android Device Manager so that no one can misuse that phone’s data.
  • This feature is on default, and it has to be switched off in the phone settings. Google itself designed google Device Manager, and it is part of the phone’s operating system, so it does not have to be downloaded separately like an app.
  • Recently, Google has added another feature with this manager, that you can find the location of your phone by typing the keyword where is phi phone by going to the search page after login to your laptop. Somewhere this location is near you.
  • If done, after reaching near the phone, you can click on the ring option and call your phone and find the correct location.
  • It happened when your phone is lost, and you have a laptop available, but it is not always necessary. Google Device Manager has also removed the solution for this.
  • You can even know the location of your phone by logging into another person’s mobile.
  • In other’s devices, you can download the Android Device Manager’s app and log in to it and know the location of your phone.

If the last phone location does not work (Find a lost phone by an android app)

  • If a smart thief has stolen your device, then it will exit your login, and in this way, Google’s Android Device Manager will be of no use, then you are wondering how to find the last location.
  • An indirect way of this is Dropbox’s camera upload feature. For this, the Dropbox app must download on your phone.
  • The advantage with this is that it asks for Yahoo login instead of Google login, and even after Google account logs out, your dropbox remains in sync with your phone’s storage.
  • Dropbox’s camera upload feature uploads photos taken from the mobile device to the dropbox,
  • so whenever the thief takes his picture from the mobile,
  • it will come to your dropbox and show your last location as well as the thief’s face. Will give With the help of which you will easily reach your mobile.

How to find your lost mobile by IMEI number (Find a lost phone by IMEI Number)

  • If your mobile is lost and you want to find it,
  • Then your phone’s IMEI number can help you with it.
  • The easiest way to find the IMEI number of mobile
  • After it is lost to keep the packaging box of your mobile in it
  • As it mentions your mobile’s IMEI number and dual SIM mobile have two IMEI numbers for it.
  • Mobile operators use the same IMEI number of the phone during the connection between the tower and the mobile.
  • In such a situation, they can know the mobile position from 100 meters to 1 km. This process is known as cell tower triangulation.
  • But only Indian security agencies have the right to find the phone location from IMEI. Your phone service provider cannot provide this service for you.
  • In such a situation, in case of loss of phone, you will have to file a report with the police,
  • and with the help of the police, you will know the location of your phone.
  • Anyway, nowadays, the IMEI number can change in the upcoming smartphones,
  • so this is not a 100 percent effective way to find the phone.

Your phone is not a common device. It plays many essential roles in your life due to its convenient features.

However, It is essential that you use this device carefully and use all the necessary security features and Keep updating them from time to time and change the password.

It will not only make your life easier but will also protect you from frequently heard online frauds.

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